The Hudson Fine Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization which strives to make a more beautiful world through the arts and culture. Founded in 2011  through the support of New Jersey State Senator Brian P. Stack, the Foundation is a USA President’s Volunteer Service Award certifying organization, the premier volunteer awards program in the country.

The Hudson Fine Arts Foundation first appeared on the scene with their “Concerts in Love” series. This series, given in places like hospitals, cancer clinics, and senior centers, showcases the talents of professional musicians to the local community to bring inspiration, warmth, and the beauty of music to the hospitalized, handicapped and isolated. However, in an effort to present younger and brighter talent, the Foundation set up the Hudson Concerto Competition in 2012. The winners of this competition are given opportunities to perform in such venues as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, as well as to perform with the Union City Philharmonic Orchestra, which the Foundation has also created.

The Hudson Fine Arts Foundation also seeks to promote world peace and culture through other art forms. “Art for Peace” was created to do what the “Concerts in Love” series does, for the visual arts. In July 2014, the Foundation, in conjunction with The Grace Theatre Workshop Inc., will present the off-Broadway play, “Comfort”, which deals with the horrific acts of violence towards “Comfort Women” or “sex slaves” by the Japanese during World War II.

In June of 2014, the Foundation went to China to present the first Shanghai Music Festival as well as Korea. It is the hope of The Hudson Fine Arts Foundation that with these tours and different offices, the Foundation can branch out, eventually all over the globe, and to help share the message of peace through the performing arts and to create harmony with all peoples without barriers.


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